The coronavirus pandemic has the world locked down, with the rising numbers of people getting infected, it has definitely got people around us becoming way more cautious than before.

It is quite interesting to see people coming up with various theories regarding coronavirus. From books predicting the virus to movies like Contagion which is extremely similar to the present time, it seems like there are a few people out there who knew this was coming!

A Korean TV series seems to have known about the Coronavirus way before the outbreak in China late last year. Korean drama series by the name of My Secret Terrius has been trending over social media since yesterday as one of the scenes from episode 10, talks in depth about Coronavirus.

In the scene, the doctor says “the virus belongs to the family of SARS, MERS and common flu.” Doesn’t this sound similar? She then says that some people have tweaked the coronavirus to increase the mortality rate to 90 per cent. Okay happy to report that the mortality they’ve mentioned definitely does NOT apply to our present scenario.

Not only this but the doctor further says that the virus has an incubation period of 2 to 14 days and it now attacks a person’s lungs within just 5 minutes of being exposed. Well thankfully that last bit is not true in COVID-19’s case.

Watch the scenes here!


The details mentioned in the scene sends a chill down our spine! Here’s what people have to say about it!


The drama also caught the eye of Indian cricketer Harbajan Singh who posted about it to his Twitter account! He asked everyone to watch it and said, “This is shocking, was it a plan?”

Did you find the scene spooky and uncanny to Covid-19? Let us know in the comments below.

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