Media Track Pakistan, a media monitoring and research organization, has released data for the Out-of-Home (OOH) media analysis for Pakistani advertising agencies for the year 2014. The data has been taken from over 3200 billboards from across the country for every major brand, including Khaadi, Unilever, and Junaid Jamshed.

The monitoring team gathered data from advertisements on ground-based structures, rooftops, pedestrian bridges, overhead bridges, with the minimum dimensions of the advertisements being at least 10X20 sq. ft.

In total, about 4.1 Million Rupees were spent on outdoor advertisement; an increase in the money spent on outdoor advertisement was seen, with the chief reason being the resumption of advertisement in the city of Lahore, where several hundred billboards and signs were installed, and the addition of at least 250 billboards in Karachi alone.

Educational institutes, construction/real estate companies, and garment brands have been the leaders in outdoor advertisement.

Here, Brandsynario looks at the outdoor advertisement stats for the year 2014.


·        Garments and Designer Lawns dominated outdoor advertisement, covering 15.4% of the total billboards in Karachi, followed by Hotels and Restaurants (5.6%), Construction and Real Estate companies (5.3%), Educational Institutes (5.0%), TV Stations (4.0%), and Mobile Phone Operators (3.9%).

·        Unilever leads the top players list with 3.89%, followed by Gul Ahmed Textile Mills (2.41%), Pepsi Cola International (1.80%), and Hotels and Restaurants (1.76%).

·        The brands are topped by Gul Ahmed Lawn (1.8%), Junaid Jamshed or J. (1.52%), Khaadi Lawn (1.50%), and Pizza Hut (1.3%).

·        Shahrah-e-Faisal is the most cluttered road in terms of the volume of the billboards, with 14.1% of the city’s total billboards present, whereas Nagan Chawrangi is the most cluttered area with 4.4% of the city’s billboards crammed here.


·        Garments and Designer Lawns dominated outdoor advertisement, covering a massive 19.8% of the total billboards in Lahore, followed by Mobile Phone Operators (7.6%), Shops and Chain Stores (6.4%), and Hotel and Fast Food Restaurants (5.3%).

·        Unilever leads the top players list with 3.1%, followed by Khaadi Lawn (2.9%), Mobilink Pakistan (2.80%), and Telenor Pakistan (2.8%).

·        The brands are topped by Khaadi Lawn (2.8%), Gul Ahmed Lawn (2.5%), McDonalds (2.10%), and Breez Collections (1.7%).

·        Main Walton Road is the most cluttered road in terms of the volume of the billboards, with 7.9% of the city’s total billboards being present, whereas Jinnah Flyover is the most cluttered location with 5.3% of the city’s billboards present in and around the area.

·        Advertisement hoardings installed on the ground accounted for 67% of the total billboards installed in Karachi and Lahore, followed by Wall Hanging ads (17%), and Roof top and Pedestrian Bridges with 6% each.

·         The outdoor advertisement in terms of the size of billboards and/or printed advertisement boards was as follows:

Small – 44%

Medium – 28%

Large – 23%

Extra Large – 5%

·         October was the most cluttered month with due to heavy advertising by the garments industry, while November was the least cluttered month when most of the advertisement boards were taken down as a precaution of Cyclone Nilofer.


Advertisement in terms of Category

·         Telecommunications

Telenor Pakistan leads the way for Telecommunication companies, being responsible for 27% of the total outdoor advertisement, followed by Mobilink Pakistan (22%). Ufone comes in with 20%, China Mobile and PTCL with 11% each, and Warid Telecom with 9%.

·         Mobile Phone Sets

Surprisingly, Voice Mobile spent the most on outdoor print advertisement with 24%, followed by Samsung with 22%. Q Mobile comes in with 16%, followed by Huawei (11%), Nokia (8%), Lenovo (7%), Dany TAB (6%), Advance Telecom (2%), G’Five Mobile (2%), United Mobile (1%), and Oppo (1%).

·         Shoes

Servis Shoes, with Fawad Khan and Meekal Zulfiqar as their main brand faces, spend the most in the Shoes category with 43%, followed by Hush Puppies with 26%.

·         Soft Drinks Category

Pepsi Cola is the leader in the Soft drinks category, making up 37% of the total expenditure by soft drinks companies, followed by Coca Cola with 23%. Coke Studio (10%), Sprite (8%), Pakola (8%), 7up (7%), Mountain Dew (6%), and 7up Lemonade (1%) make up the complete soft drinks category.

·         Media – TV Channels

Hum TV spent the most for TV Channels, with 21%, followed by Urdu1 TV with 18%. ARY Group (13%) and Geo TV Network (12%) make up the leaders in the Media category.

·         Finance

Habib Bank (or HBL) spent the most on outdoor advertisement in the banking sector with 40% of the total expenditure. HBL is followed by Allied Bank (10%), Faysal Bank (8%), United Bank (8%), Dubai Islamic Bank (7%), and Meezan Bank and Bank Alfalah with 6% each.

·         Lubricants

Total Parco leads the way in the Lubricants category, with 38% of the total outdoor advertisement, followed by Shell Pakistan with 18%. PSO and Caltex come in next with 15% each, followed swiftly by HI Tech Lubricants (12%) and Suzuki Genuine Oil (2%).

·         Paints

Rainbow Paints (29%), Jotun Paints (27%), Nippon Paints (25%), ICI Dulux Paints (10%), Diamond Paints (6%), and Union Paints (3%) make up the Paints category.

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