overly dressed

No matter how much we all dislike attending desi weddings, one cannot deny that desi weddings are truly epic! The wedding occasion starts off with girls eyeing each other’s dresses and thinking “where she wore it last?” ‘Aunties’ are more concerned about ‘where the bride got her makeup done’ and ‘how expensive her bridal dress is’ than the actual happy occasion itself.

Desi weddings witness an array of unusual events – from those who only attend to hog all the food to the worried mothers on a rishta hunt; the girl who dresses up only to flaunt her new designer dress to the ‘maila’ boys who only show up to impress girls; here are 15 things that desi guests always do at weddings.

1. The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet eaters

Waiting to hear the three magical words, “Khana Khul Gaya” and the guests eat like they have never seen food before! They make a mountain of food on their plates and don’t even eat half of it!


2. The Rishta-Hunters

They just won’t stop looking for rishtas. Desi weddings, where several rishtas are fixed even before the starter is served. The aunties do match-making for “Dulhan ki mummy ke bhai ke salay ke chache ke behan ke dost ka beta.”

Rishta aunty

Let’s not forget, the non-stop questions: “Aur kya kar rahi ho aaj kal?”; “Aur kitna parhogi?”; “When are you getting married?” “Itni moti kesay hogayi? and their signature anthem, “You’re next!”


3. The Gossiping ladies turned Bridal Designers

A gossip session in the women’s section is at peak; eyeing, judging and gossiping about how beautiful the bride looks or how expensive her dress/ makeup looks! From the eyelashes to the dress, from the make-up to the mehendi, they just won’t stop talking about the poor bride!


4. The NAT GEO Videographer

He focuses right when there’s half a Tikka hanging from your mouth; you hide your face and act like a total burger who just can’t bite the boti off the Tikka, isn’t it?


5. The shy aunties who suddenly turn into ‘Shakiras’ on the dance floor!

Yes, nanis , dadis, chachis, khalas, phuphos, mamis… they all turn up to dance on the latest item numbers!

shy aunties

6. The Overly-Dressed Ladies

The third and fourth cousins who dress to the nines just cause, ‘Dikhana tou hai na sabko’!

overly dressed

7. The Way Too Friendly Uncle

That uncle who says hello to every unmarried girl in the most perverted way and finds awkward ways to come close to them! A word of advice – RUN!

overly friendly uncle

8. The Food Soldiers

Because going to the buffet is like going to war! Alpha shall hunt the Tikkas, Charlie will get the Karahi, I’ll cover the Naans & Raita and the last remaining must cover the seat. One of the most important and never to be ignored!


9. The Foreign Guests

One of the main guests at the wedding cause they are from abroad and are introduced to everyone in the hall!

family introducing to everyone

10. The Mirasi Boys who want to impress girls

Their epic dance moves will leave you speechless – and not in a good way!

desperate guys

11. The ‘Bless You’ Aunties

The sweet, over-aged aunties at the weddings who just meet, greet and bless everyone!

aunties blessing

12. The kids who go out of control

They either run around in the hall for no reason at all; fight, cry or shout at the top of their lungs, and if nothing works, they start dancing right in the middle of the dance floor.

kids dancing

13. The Hopeful Singles

The hopeful singles desperately trying to meet someone but unfortunately, can’t work their game due to all the aunties/uncles around, watching their every move.

hopeful singles

14. The beauty pageant contestants

The gorgeous girls who’ve spent hours putting on make-up, take the lead in the unspoken beauty war and randomly rolling eyes at people.

girls at weddings

15. The Crazy Photographer

He thinks of the most awkward poses for the bride and groom!

crazy photographer

Which one of these can you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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