14 aug

Pakistan’s Independence Day has grave importance for all the people living in the country.  Despite endless problems that Pakistan faces today, each member living in the country has a love-hate relationship with it. 

It was with this objective that the 14 Acts for Pakistan come to life.  Designed by the Pakistani agency Creative Chaos, media partner FM89 and official sponsors Coke supporting the cause, the 14 Acts for Pakistan have been inspired by the infamous 14 points of Quaid-e-Azam that formed the basis for Pakistan. 

Launched on Facebook and Twitter, people were taught the significance of promoting the common good, allowing people to come together with the patriotic spirit. 

These acts give out the message that little efforts condense to do a larger good.

The campaign encouraged people can to do their bit by listing down 14 ‘little’ acts that they would do to help improve Pakistan.

The initiative required a couple of friends to come together and perform these ‘small’ acts suchas planting trees, helping elderly people, being nice to children by giving them candies and other kind gestures. 

The groups were asked to submit their ’14 acts list’ to info@14actsforpakistan.com so that it can be published on the website. The hashtag, #14actsforPakistan was also introduced on Twitter to make the campaign viral.

For instance, if one wishes to spread love and reduce disparity , all they are required to do is give out candies to children.  While the act is small, it would make a big difference.