Funny Ads

Is the weekend weighing you down? Why don’t you take a break from your busy schedule and take a detour with us to a loud and exhilarating slapstick humour land. It takes wit and humor to come up with catchy ads and it looks like our locals have mastered the art without much effort.

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Here are few of the funniest ads where irony takes a toll:

1. No wonder students display non-seriousness towards studies

Funny ads


2. Wonder what tastes better



3. Is this for real? Institutionalizing molestation

funny ads


4. Perks of having Dengue! You get free bread

 Funny Ads


5. How to become a better nation

 Funny Ads


6. RIP English! You will be missed…

 Funny Ads


7. That’s a bad break-up doing all that talking

 Funny Ads


8. Self-proclaimed Mehram Park, take them to the museum

 Funny Ads


9. Is it already killing your brain cells

 Funny Ads

10. Irony, the hygiene of the mind



11. Error has been made, others will be made

 Funny Ads


12. Irony is nature’s most common figure of speech

 funny Ads

13. Extreme subliminal messages! Moment of silence

Funny Ads

We are proud Pakistanis and sarcasm is our middle name.

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