Ice cream is one of those guilty pleasures that is enjoyed by adults and children alike! No wonder it has an entire day dedicated in its honor, it provides you comfort when needed, shelter from your feelings when it is an utmost necessity and a means to forget all that might be going wrong with you in the moment.

Ice cream does have some bizarre controversies attached with its name. If you are having a bad day or are in need of some laughter therapy, do go on and be amused by the seemingly weird world of ice cream!

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  • By far, the greatest amount of Ice cream is sold and consumed in America. According to a survey, it is estimated that almost 98% of the households in America always keep a tub of ice cream in their fridge. Their love for this amazing dessert can also be derived from the fact that ice cream was first made by an American Nancy Johson.

ice cream 1.2

  • On Average it takes about 50 licks to complete an ice cream cone, obviously this can reduce significantly if you are just too hungry and end up biting it off the cone.

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  • This fun fact will be the most loved I’m sure: PEOPLE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT CAN EAT ICE CREAM TO GET IN SHAPE! This seems too good to be true, but fear not it actually is!


  • If you have eaten ice cream like crazy and always thought of condensed milk, sugar and regular milk along with flavoring as the taste and quality determining ingredients then you are in for a shock! As opposed to the aforementioned popular belief, the amount of AIR in the ice cream actually determines the quality. Greater the air in the ice cream, lower its quality and price.


  • It is the sugar grains in the ice cream that actually decrease the melting point and the creamy texture is actually because of fats.


  • To make sure that the ice cream tastes just perfect, ice cream is tested using golden spoons so that there is no after taste that could affect the results of the testing process.


  • Of all the regular flavors, vanilla beats both chocolate chip and strawberry as the most consumed flavor of all times.


  • The ice cream tycoon; Cold Stone has a No Drip Ice cream that does not melt because it has some pudding mix in it also.


  • The most loved ice cream topping is *drum rolls* Chocolate syrup! Goes well with everything, doesn’t it?


  • 1 out of 5 people share their ice cream with their pets. Just not with other humans.


  • Sorbet is a healthy version of  ice cream because it doesn’t contain cream or milk.


  • The thing about ice cream is that since it is loved so much it has become an object for a huge number of experiments over the years. Some bizarre ice cream flavors include Octopus, Jelly Fish, raw horsemeat, Garlic and Dill pickle.


So go ahead, indulge in the simple yes fascinating pleasure of life known as the ever loved ice cream!