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Most of us think that when we type into Google it is simply to search something we didn’t know before or merely to seek information, but it is not the same every time. Google search results can be a really fun and a welcome distraction to unwind from the hectic daily routine, only if you know those magic words to type into the search bar.

Following is a list of 11 fun things to type into the Google search bar. Type these and watch the Chrome browser transform; most of them work on mobile too.

1. Barrel Roll

Feeling bored after working tirelessly? Roll out Google search page 360 degree by typing either ‘do a barrel roll’ or ‘z or r twice’. This also refers to the Star Fox video game in which you hit the Z or the R button twice to move your fighter left or right.

do a barrel roll

2. Google Blink Across Search For ‘<blink>’

Type ‘<blink>’ in the Google search bar and press enter. Every ‘blink’ in the search results will start to blink!


3. Tilting

Type ‘askew’ on the Google search bar and you’ll see the page getting off at tilted angle.


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4. Google’s First Look in 1998

Google was loved back in 1998, when it was started as an open web. It has gone through a lot changes in design over the years, but if you want to see how it was 18 years ago, just type ‘google in 1998’ and see its premiere interface.

google in 1998.brandsynario

5. Zerg Rush

Feeling bored at work? Google is the source of all entertainment you have? Then Type ‘zerg rush’ into the search box, press enter and prepare for a fun activity. A surge of little Google “o”s attempt to eat your page. This tactic was used by Zerg players in the 1998 strategy game StarCraft.

Zerg Rush

6. Brick Breakout

Let’s continue with the games option and for that, Brick Breakout is the best. Just type ‘atari breakout’ into Google’s image search, hit enter key, and start breaking bricks by clicking on any image of the search results.

Brick Breakout

7. Conway’s Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life is a cellular automation game developed by the British mathematician John Horton Conway. If you type ‘conway’s game of life’ into Google search bar and press enter, a glimpse of simulation of this game can be seen on the right side of the search page.

conway's game of life

8. Collecting Super Mario Coins

All those who grew up in the 90’s have played Super Mario Bros in their childhood, but not many of us know that the question box for collecting coins that flash on searching ‘super mario bros’ is actionable with a coin collecting sound. Hit it again and again and recall your memories of playing this game.

super mario.brandsynario

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9. Flip a Coin

Just for fun or when needed for toss; you can flip a coin on Google. Type ‘flip a coin’, hit enter and then click ‘flip it’ for toss or amusement.

Flip a coin


10. Roll a die

Want to get a bit more than just heads and tails; Google search gives you a ‘roll a die’ feature to roll a dice virtually. Type ‘roll a die’ in the search bar and start playing with a virtual dice.

roll a die

11. Top Trumps With Food

For people following a diet plan, Google search gives a comparison of foods like top trumps with details of calories, salt, sugar, and the vitamin ratio of each. For example, type ‘apples vs oranges’ in the search bar, hit enter and a comparison chart is there to see which one wins.

apples vs ornges.brandsynario

Did you try typing any of these words on the Google search bar? Try now and have some fun with Google!

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