Ever attended a boardroom meeting? Or even heard about what happens in the boardroom? From serious conversations to silly ideas, daydreaming to eyeballing, sleepy moments to kill me moments, you can see everything and anything happening in a boardroom.

Let us take you on a short tour of a Desi boardroom.

1. When you’re called to attend the dreaded meeting..

not this again!

2. When Everyone Makes Fun of the Boss – Just Before He arrives


3. When you act too busy for the meeting and everyone hates you!

monkey busy

4. When The boss goes on and on and on!

 The one who goes ON and ON forever

5. When everyone starts snoring.. because they just can’t handle the blah anymore!

sleepy in meeting

6. When someone catches you sleeping and you just hope that he’s not the boss’s die-honest-employee…

boss sleeping

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7. When You’re trying hard NOT to yawn and stay awake with red eyes…

trying to stay awake

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8. When you pitch your brilliant idea and act like you’re a genius!

The oversmart

9. When Everyone is insanely jealous of Your Brilliant Idea


10. When the boss’s suckup Criticizes your brilliant idea (because he didn’t think of it)

the one who never appreciates

11. When everyone pretends to listen but understands nothing!

Pretending to listen

12. And last 15 minutes when everyone is ‘bored to death’ and just cannot take it anymore!


13. When the meeting is finally over & everyone attacks that small food table!


Can you relate to any of the typical boardroom cliches? Comment below to let us know about your views on the article!

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