Burger over Biryani? Anda Paratha for Breakfast or Late Night Pizza? Pathan ki Chaaye or Espresso’s Cappuccino? Whether you are a burger or a bun kabab, every Pakistani has an innate desi within that is reflected through small quirks and daily acts. There are some typical signs which represent you being a true desi.

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Let’s read these signs and find out if you are a hardcore desi or not.

1. No matter how old you are, you would always want to dip the biscuit in ‘chaaye’ so bad!

Signs of being a hardcore desi


2. You take the life out of your shampoo bottle and refill it with water to use it for another week

True desi

3. Squeezing the toothpaste by flattening and rolling it up from the back to make it last one more day!

Flattening the toothpaste to make it last longer

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4. Your mother keeps the plastic on for 5 whole years, to make that brand-new feel last longer!

Keeping the plastic on for years

5. Beating the remote to death, just so that it can magically work again

When the remote doesn't work

6. Nothing can beat the desi-pan of sipping a hot cup of tea from the saucer.

Having tea from Saucer

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7. You’re not allowed to throw your old clothes instead your mother turns them into a ‘pocha”!

turning old clothes into rugs

8. Nothing tastes yummier than three-day-old biryani at 3 am at night!

 Having three day old biryan


9. You insanely abuse other drivers on the road and think you’re driving perfectly.

Abusing other drivers on the road

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 10. Mufta scene? ON hai! You’re not a true desi until you die before missing a mufta!

Desi things


11. Asking the Sabzi Wala for free dhania after buying vegetables worth Rs 20! “Bhaijan zara dhaniya bhe dal daina”

Always seeking for free stuff

So which one of these desi acts can you relate to the most? Share your desi-ness with us in the comments below!

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