eid deals and discounts

Eid is right around the corner, and while you may have gotten your hands on the best that Eid collections have to offer by way of clothes, there are a lot of other various deals, discounts, and special offers that you can avail in celebration of this joyous occasion.

Check out the list of exciting Eid offers below!

1. Nando’s

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2. The Red Riding Hood Bakery

redriding1 redriding2

3. Del Frio

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4. The Patio

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5. Pie in the Sky

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6. Essensuals

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Best Designer Outfits to Buy from Eid Collections 2016


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8. Masarrat Misbah Makeup

masarrat1 masarrat2 masarrat3 masarrat4 masarrat5

Masarrat Makeup’s “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” deals are:

  • Deal One: Buy an Eye Varnish and a Lip gloss and get a Perfect wear Eyeliner free
  • Deal Two: Buy a liquid Lipstick and an Eye Varnish and get a Lash Enhancer free
  • Deal Three: Buy a Perfect Wear Eyeliner and a Lip Gloss and get an Eye Varnish free
  • Deal Four: Buy a Lash Volumizer and a Liquid Lipstick and get an Ethereal glow free
  • Deal Five: Buy an Eye Varnish and a Perfect Wear Eyeliner and get a Lip Gloss free

9. MONA J Spa and Salon

monaspa1 monaspa2 monaspa3 monaspa4 monaspa5 monaspa6

10. Neco’s

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11. Kapray Anniversary Sale

Not entirely an Eid Sale, the Kapray one year anniversary sale is a perfect opportunity for all to grab the outfits at a flat 30% off till Chand Raat.

Kapray eid deals 2016

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12. Alle’nora by Aliya Tipu

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Treat yourself and your families to a more than memorable Eid this year!

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