10 Types of Annoying Relatives You Will Meet This Eid


Just a few days to go and the auspicious holy event of Eid ul Fitr (and a 4-day holiday) would be here! This means you have approximately 72 hours to prepare and brace yourself against the heavy onslaught of hugs, kisses and sweets from your loving and not-so-loving relatives whom you will meet in the span of three days. 

Let me elaborate a bit through my specific classification of these relatives below: 

The Aunt Who TellsYou ‘Ghar Ayogy toe Eidi Milegi’

10 relatives 1

The Selfie-Addict Bunch of Cousins

10 relatives 2

The Over Zealous Body Builder Friend Whose aims is to break ribs – Just for fun

10 relatives 3

That Awkward Boy Who Can’t Decide Whether to Shake Hands or Hug (If yes, then how many time exactly)

10 relatives 4

Meanwhile, the Ladies Who Can’t Decide Whether to Touch Cheeks and Ruin Make up or Hug Each other and Ruin Dresses

10 relatives 5


The Phopho Who Made Big Plans for All Three Days yet Ends Up Staying at Your Place

10 relatives 6

The newly married couple who Make Record Eidi Collection

10 relatives 7

The US-return Uncle Who Gives Eidi in Dollars!

10 relatives 8

The Irritating Cousin Whose Sole Purpose of Eid is to Click Pictures and Give Hugs

10 relatives 9

The Cousin Who Whose Going to Spend Three Days Cursing her Tailor

10 relatives 10

But let’s accept it, amidst the cursing, shouting and rib breaking hugging – deep down that’s what we all wait for 11 months of the year.

So, Let the eidi collection and awkward hugs begin mates! 

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Have a wonderful Eid!


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