The ongoing summer season is probably the hottest in Pakistan. To beat this heat, the best solution is to install an AC at your home. However, the prohibitive cost of electricity makes people think twice about buying one. The modern day innovation of the DC Inverter AC cuts down the electricity cost further when compared with a standard split AC making it a better choice as well as a wiser investment decision.

Not sure what a DC Inverter AC is? Here are the 10 things about the DC Inverter AC you must know.

1)  It saves 60% Power

When it comes to power consumption normal AC consumes more electricity, but ORIENT DC Inverter AC because of  its advanced technology saves 60% power, lowering the electricity bill. We all know that compressors in standard split AC keep switching On/Off several times and the startup of any motor consumes a lot of power. But in DC Inverter AC, the compressor starts for once when switched ‘On’ and maintains its motor speed according to the requirement of room temperature. It continues to run very slowly and thus, results in lesser power consumption.

2) Low Voltage Operation (No Need for a Stabilizer)

The DC Inverter ACs have the tendency to operate in voltage as low as 140v. They keep running uninterruptedly in low voltage because the 3) power supply converts into a Direct Current (DC) first and then it reconverts into an alternating current (AC) to the primary compressor motor which runs on different speeds.

3) Working on UPS / Generator/ Solar Panel

As the DC Inverter ACs can operate even with low voltage, they can also work on the UPS / Generator / Solar Panel of the required (appropriate) capacity. In Pakistan, where we have to face hours of load shedding daily, this feature is an added advantage. The ORIENT DC Inverter AC is the prime example in this case as it can run on UPS / Generator / Solar Panel of specified capacity.


4) Reaches the Set point of Temperature Faster (High Speed Cooling)

The DC Inverter AC reaches the set point of the thermostat (proposed temperature of the room) faster. Its compressor works at a high speed right from the start and chills the room in no time.

5) No Irregular Fluctuation in Temperature

The DC Inverter AC does not exhibit irregular fluctuations in the room temperature; neither does the room turn warmer, nor does it over cool and leave  you  shivering. The compressor in the AC continuously prevents over cooling or over heating in temperature.

In the standard AC for e.g , if you have set the temperature to 20 degrees Centigrade , once it reaches this temperature, the compressor turns off and temperature starts rising. At 22, it turns on again and then chills the room at 18 and you will start feeling too cold. Thus, it also exerts more pressure on the compressor.

6) Efficient Temperature Control Ability (Use of Energy)

As the compressor keeps running in the DC Inverter on variable speed, it maintains the temperature efficiently and avoids over cooling and temperature rise. The ORIENT DC Inverter AC can sense the minimal fluctuation in temperature too for example if someone opens the door or window, the compressor will work on variable speed accordingly to maintain the temperature and it is also effective in terms of use of energy.

DC Inverter AC Working.Brandsynario

7) Longer Life of Compressor

The core component of an AC is its compressor, and with the DC Inverter AC,  it keeps working continuously at varied speed. The non-stop working does not affect the life of the compressor – in fact it gives it a longer life.

8) Produces Less Noise than the Standard AC

Another plus point to the DC Inverter AC is that it is quieter than the standard AC. Although the compressor motor works continuously, its latest technology controls the noise it produces.

9) Double Utility (Heating and Cooling)

The summer season becomes unbearable in Pakistan and winters just as cold. The DC Inverter AC offers you double utility as it keeps you chilled in the summers and can warm up your rooms in winter functioning as a heater.

room with ac

10) Budget Friendly for Purchase

Even though ORIENT DC Inverter ACs make use of the latest technology compressors and save energy, they are still affordable. ORIENT DC Inverters are priced well within the range of a standard high quality split AC , starting from Rs. 59,000/-