Anyone who is participating in MUN knows it is not easy to be a part of something so big and maintain your social life, your academics and everything else along with it.

Model UN or MUN  stand for Model United Nations. It is an academic activity in which students can learn about leadership, democracy, and the United Nations. It is usually taken as an extracurricular activity, but some high schools also offer MUN as a class.

Here are a few things everyone can relate to who is participating in MUN.

1. Research

You spend days before the conference drowning in research.

  1. Busy Lunch breaks

Lunch breaks are taken up by trying to recruit people to work with you rather than with your competitors.

  1. Non-serious members

A majority of the people in the committee are there only for the social events and pictures.

  1. Your friends complain you only have time for your new MUN friends

As much as you want to spend time with them, you can’t because there is NO TIME!

  1. Receiving all sorts of notes from fellow delegates

More than just discussing the debate, these notes include people trying to get your number and social media profiles.

  1. Accidentally using informal language


  1. Spending days before the conference to check out your major competition from other schools

Your competitiveness is at its peak!

  1. People refer to you as the name of the country you’re representing

You almost forget your name and only remember the name of the country you are representing.

  1. Feeling like an actual UN diplomat when you get formally dressed in your suits

Nothing makes you feel better than dressing up!

  1. Typing out your draft resolution is the most tedious part of the conference

At the end, whether you win or lose, you develop a strong bond with your team members and learn much more for your next MUN.

Featured Image Courtesy: BeaconMUN – Beaconhouse Model United Nations
Contributed by: Sabrina