If you are an art student in Pakistan you know what you are actually dealing with. From buying your art supplies to dealing with everyone’s questions, everything annoys you to some extent, but you are so passionate about what you are doing, you deal with everything else like a pro!

Here’s a bunch of things that every student in Pakistan can relate to.

  1. All your money is spent on art supplies
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All the Eidi you managed to save up this year? All the cash you got from your khalas and chachas on various occasions, its one on watercolors, sheets, pencils or whatever else you’re experimenting with this week.

2. Your fellow students underestimate the genre

Those who don’t take art fail to understand the time, hard work, frustration and effort that goes into it. Instead, they deem it as something not worth stressing over or something easy, which only leads to more frustration.

3. Majority of your clothes are not in a condition to be worn out anymore

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Thanks to the endless paint stains on them.

4. Keeping your room clean is impossible

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With the innumerable number of art supplies, your room is as cluttered as Sunday Bazaar.

5. Minorities

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Art students make up a minuscule portion of the entire student population, making you once again question your decisions to be included in such a small group of individuals.


6. Shop owners know you by your name


The shopkeepers at your local stationery and art supply stores know you very well since you spend practically every day there.

7. Photography

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Art students are expected to take pictures themselves so as soon as assignments are handed out. Students spend their days and nights running all over their homes and the city, searching for things to photograph. This is met with confusion from all family members who are usually under the impression that art means only painting.


8. No sleep

You’re practically living off 10 cups of chai a day, the only way you know how to make it through your busy days and all-nighters as you struggle to finish your work.


9. Lengthy exams


You envy your friends whose exams don’t exceed the two-hour mark usually, whereas your exams last hours on end.

10. People assume that you can’t establish a future in art or that you won’t be successful enough.

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But no matter how tedious and tiring art can be, you enjoy working on a subject that you’re passionate about and one which allows you to express yourself freely.


Contributed by:

Sabrina Sadat