It’s Friday! Which means that everybody is in a rush to get home, kick off their shoes, and plop on the bed! After all, you only get 2 days (some poor souls get 1 or alternative offs) to enjoy quality time away from the hustles and bustles of life.

Get rid of your ‘Friday Fatigue’ with work related GIFs all employees can relate to.

1. When you get Busted Making Plans

It’s a Friday, no one can blame you for wanting to run back home early, no matter how lame the excuse may be. However, you will want to secretive about it, Human Resource (HR) Department have eyes and ears all over, and if you get caught…. Good luck solider!


2. Gobble Gobble!

Friday is always a busy day, there is so much going one. You have work, Friday prayers, then work, some more work, a few brain-less meetings, more work again. In the midst of the hectic routine, you are unable to utilize your lunch break, so you need to finish the entire meal in one bite or less.


3. When Someone Rats You Out

Nothing is worse than a fellow co-worker ratting you out when they admit you were the one who took that last Aloo and now the entire office hates you and will never be able to forgive what you have done, that too on a Jummah.


4. Did Someone Say Coffee?

When the coffee/tea finally arrives and you can finally look and act alike now! Woohoo!


5. You know it’s Friday When you Channel your Anger

There is always that one person you want to slap the **** out of, but since its Friday, and you do not want to get gunnah, you decide to hide to the secret room (janitor’s closet) where you can stick a picture of that person on a broomstick and kick or punch it till it breaks! Just don’t forget to bring a new one on Monday.


6. When You Get Your Pay Just Before the Weekend

Did someone say paycheck? Yes! Fridays are a blessing if you get money to waste on the weekend, this calls for a shopping spree!


7. When it Hits You it’s Friday!

Yes! It is! The joy! It’s Friday!


8. When the Boss Calls and Says They will Not be Coming

The P to the A and the R then the T and Y, it’s party time. The boss will not be standing over your head constantly talking and commanding you, you can work in peace, maybe even go out to lunch with your pals. You may even get the opportunity to switch on the TV if you are lucky enough.


9. When the HR is Nice Enough to Understand your Pain

Fridays can be really lucky, HR personals are often understanding, they know the feeling of going home early, so they let you leave 5minutes before off-time. Yes, those glorious 5 minutes of relief.


10. It’s Finally 5:30PM

It’s time to go home and an overwhelming feeling kicks in and all you want to do is dance. Hallelujah!


Have a great weekend folks!

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