Facebook in Pakistan could get banned over controversial content, and this is driving the country bonkers! Apparently, the social media platform is being said to be banned in Pakistan from March 22nd. However, we do not think it will actually happen, and even if it does for whatever reasons, we will always have proxy sites!

To be more precise and straightforward, a proxy server acts as the middleman between the end user and the server. It is exactly like some websites are not granted with the permission of being accessed by the end user. So, this is where proxy servers come to the rescue.

How Proxy Servers Work

There are 3 different types of proxy servers;

1: Tunnelling proxy: It is a kind of proxy server that passes request and responses without modifying them and is sometimes known as gateway or tunnelling proxy.

2: Forward proxy: It is used to retrieve data from a wide variety of sources from almost anywhere on the internet and it is generally an internet facing proxy.

3: Reverse proxy: It is also an internet facing proxy which uses a front end which in turn controls and protects access to a server on a private network. The general purpose of a reverse proxy is to perform tasks such as load-balancing, authentication, decryption and caching.

There are also 3 types of HTTP proxies;

1: Fully anonymous proxies: These kinds of proxies do not change the request field and look exactly similar to the real browser. As a matter of fact, your IP is hidden for obvious reasons. The administrative folks might get confused as if you are not using any proxies.

2: Anonymous proxies: They do not reveal your IP as they remain hidden for a due course of the session but they certainly change the request fields which makes it extremely easy to detect that a proxy is being used by log analysis.

3: Transparent proxies: Unlike others, these types of proxies are not anonymous they are simply HTTP requests. In the meanwhile, they also transfer the real IP and also change the request field. These types of proxies are not used for security purposes. Alternatively, they can be used for network speed improvement.

Tp 10 Proxy Sites for Facebook Ban

Here’s a list of the top 10 proxy websites you can use to access the social website despite a “Facebook Ban” in Pakistan:

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