10 Interesting Confessions On Pizza

Pizza is by far the most ordered food item for take-away and online home delivery. But what is it about Pizzas that keeps us wanting it more and more? Why are we so obsessed with the round, doughy circles cut into heavenly cheese triangles? This question remains unanswered until we pop in a slice or two.

Nonetheless, there are people who can’t seem to put away their obsession of pizza and are frequently seen making interesting theories out of it. Some funny pizza confessions have been gathered below for your read.

It might help us see how far people stray off their imagination of food.

Confession #1: I Believe In Pizza Cognition Theory

Best Pizza Confessions13_p01

Your first slice of pizza becomes the real definition of pizza for you. Some people firmly believe in this theory however we’d like to highlight the cultural influence in this case. There’s never a ‘good’ or a ‘bad’ pizza; pizza is just there in various forms and tastes matching the likes of people.

Confession #2: I Have Borrowed Money For A Pizza

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No one is immune to seeing pictures of pizza every day and feeling hungry at the oddest of times. There are some of us who have borrowed money from their parents, friends and even siblings just to take a bite off a pepperoni pizza.

Confession #3: Pizza Teaches You About Love

Best Pizza Confessions08_p1

Pizza comes in a square box. Pizza crust is round. Pizza slices are triangle. Hence, love comes in all shapes and sizes. Interestingly, pizza makes us all the more creative than we already are.

Confession #4: When I’m Lonely, I Binge On Pizza

Best Pizza Confessions12_p01

Raise your hand if you’ve done this at least once in your life. Pizza is the most effective way to drain sadness and brush off those tears of despair.

Confession #5: My Last Five Birthdays Went Without A Proper Cake

Best Pizza Confessions05_p1

A large pizza with a few candles on it would make the best birthday ever, we agree! Some creative heads also know how to make a pizza cake entirely out of crust, cheese and pepperoni. Sorry, we don’t have the recipe.

Confession #6: Pizza Is More Interesting Than My Girlfriend

Best Pizza Confessions06_p1

There’s no wonder why guys never seem to want to part ways from pizza.

Confession #7: I’ve Never Stained My Face With A Pizza

Best Pizza Confessions10_p01

These people make us feel like the world has been turned upside down and you’re thrown into a new territory of impossibilities. Do not try your luck on looking pretty and eating pizza at the same time. It’s an art, only a few people possess.

Confession #8: I Hate Pizza. But Not When My Mom Cooks It

Best Pizza Confessions11_p1

These people are hard to find but when you find one you wish you hadn’t met them. How can you possibly hate pizza? 

Confession #9: I’ve Envied Friends Who Don’t Get Fat Eating Pizza

Best Pizza Confessions07_p1

We have at least one friend who doesn’t get fat no matter what he/she eats. Luckily, they are our partners-in-crime and readily volunteer to binge eating.

Confession #10: If Discounts Could Go All Year, I Would Lunch On Pizza Every Day

Best Pizza Confessions 109

Do you know how hard it is to find discounts on pizza? Thanks to foodpanda.pk it is not that difficult anymore. Who would say no to a pizza that is available for online order at half-price and screaming to be taken away by its rightful owner immediately?!