Most of us really enjoy our fair share of food! We love spending on it, thinking about it, planning about it, and of course, devouring it. And then there’s that nonstop, ever-growing obsession with all things edible that categories you as a foodie.

A food-o-holic’s life is incomplete without eating! They are just addicted too good, scrumptious food. Such people live to eat and getting fat is last thing on their mind.

So for the food devotees out there, we have a tribute for you!

Below, we’ve chalked up a list of 10 hilarious things that all foodies can relate to! Enjoy your fries while reading this yummy piece.

1)  You daydream about food & plan your next meal…even if you’ve just had one.

2) The unspeakable urge to have that brownie & cupcake & pizza slice & cheese stick! Omnomomnom..

3) You turn into the Incredible Hulk when you find out that somebody has eaten that food item you’ve been thinking about eating all day.

4) You have to try everything on the table, so you’re in a real dilemma when someone asks ‘What would you like?’ Uh, everything?

5) You see food everywhere. Literally. Everywhere.

6) The only reason you’re attending that conference, party, seminar or a social gathering is because of food!

7) You tend to save a rather large portion of your money just for food. Ah, sweet priorities!

8) Sharing clothes, shoes & even my phone is perfectly fine, BUT ‘DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY FOOD’.

9) Everybody’s jamming to the hottest music or chatting with their friends, but there’s just one thing on your mind!

10) Diets are a cakewalk… Did somebody say cake???

We understand that as a foodie, it may be hard for friends and family to understand your passion for all things food. Never mind what they say though: in your passion lies your purpose, so gobble that meal up!

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