When the wedding shenanigans and the never ending functions are over and you suddenly find yourself married. It slowly sinks in and the mind begins to clear up and accept what just happened.

You will start to notice some differences in your life. Some may be subtle while others may be extreme, one can only hope and pray that they turn out for the better.

1. You’re suddenly a Mrs.

This takes some getting used to, especially when you resume work right after marriage. You might find yourself staring like a lost Ape at a person who is calling you “Mrs. Husband’s name”, only to realize it’s you who that person is referring to.

2. You want everyone to know, you’re finally off the market!

Especially the ‘rishta’ aunties and others who were constantly trying to set you up with one person or another. You can finally relax and breathe normally around them again.

3. People are interested to hear the story of how you two met.

Whether it’s an arranged or a love marriage. This question tends to be asked in the dinners or lunches immediately followed by the wedding. Well, prepare your monologue before time, because trust us, it will come in handy.

4. You will find yourself telling this story again and again and again.

Of course, as long as you keep meeting new people. This question will resurface again and again and again.

5. Your family has just expanded!

You find yourself surrounded by many more aunts, uncles, and cousins than you originally had. Double the trouble and double the fun. 😉

6. Other people’s weddings remind you of yours

Now that yours is done and over with, other weddings bring flashbacks of the big day. You reminiscence about the good times and think back about how you could have avoided any blunders at the wedding.

7. You can actually help people who are about to get married.

Whether it’s about the functions or what to expect from life after the wedding; you are now considered an authority on all such related matters. People who are about to get married now look up to you for advice, hoping you could help curb some of their anxieties.

8. You have a lot of dinners and lunches to attend now.

After your wedding, you will be entertained and will have to entertain just about all the close relatives in your lives. This means giving up your alone time for some quality family bonding time.

9. When you go back home you’re treated like a queen.

When you go back home to your ‘Maika’, the very pesky siblings who would annoy you like crazy now actually cherish your company. If you weren’t close enough first, this is probably when sibling rivalry changes into a stronger bond of love.

10. It’s time to be ‘sughar’

You have to take on a lot of responsibilities that you had never even thought of and life may seem overwhelming. But that’s just something you gotta do!

Have you experienced any of these or know someone who has? Let us know in the comments below.

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