Do you know the term ‘*white men can’t jump’? Yeah, you do most probably. We all have that one song that shakes our core and pulls a heart-string every time the lyrics reach our ears.

These ones are my blanket on a windy night or my patterned straw floppy hat to take cover from the blistering afternoon sun. Do you feel this way about music, like I do?

Below, are the most cherishable songs of the olden times that we bet will forever be evergreen!

1. Never Gonna Give You Up -Rick Astley

The true blue 80s epic. This song is a keeper for soulmate, girlfriend and the wife. Maybe all 03 combined. Uncontroversially speaking.

2. When the Going Gets Tough -Billy Ocean

When you’re down in the dumps and feel that nothing’s going your way, a quick listen to this number and all your blues shall wither away. Believe Me!

3. All I Wanna Do -Sheryl Crow

The only thing I heard when I broke up with our school prom queen. This song gives you meaning to the addage “that life goes on” and whew, forecasted disaster averted.

4. Fight Song -Rachel Platten

If you crave motivation, this is the song for you. Lovely lyrics, super beat and a great one for those long thoughtful drives at sunset. Alone.

5. Oh, Pretty Woman -Roy Orbison

For them hopeful and hopeless fools who daydream about their lady in waiting. Keep at it, just might happen. Classic training for the idealistic romantics.

6. Time after Time -Cyndi Lauper

Sometimes guys just want to cry, I hate to admit it, but yes, yes we do. Nostalgic, Cyndi’s number takes you back to the wonder years. Oh, those moments of innocent gibberish.

7. November Rain -Guns N Roses

Once again takes you to those breakup times. Lost love and all. But this time quote “you were my biggest regret” unquote. Little due for reminiscing.

8. Light my Fire -The Doors

This is unilaterally the coolest song. We all can relate to it. Somewhere, a special someone has always lit our fire. It’s an old song but has a galactic repeatability or relatability(that’s a word). How truly unlucky it is to have missed the Woodstock years.

9. She will be Loved -Maroon 5

Listen to the lyrics man, pure genius. The perfect number with a beat and rhythm like none other. A classic in the making for generations to come.

10. Englishman in Newyork -Sting

When I feel I’m the odd one out and things around me start making no sense at all, the solace I get from this song is hard to express. Stings ya completely.

Well, this was my version of sanity and let me tell you music is complete therapy. So keep those pills away and have an earful of the mentions above, tune up and tone down, melodiously speaking.

Till next time folks!

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