10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life

By Zoya Anwer

Truth hurts, reality bites. Not quite you say? 

You will agree soon. With the rising addiction of social media among youngsters, it is safe to assume that all addicts once in a while do ponder upon their “social” status and position on these media rather at least judge others on their activities.

Here is a very creative visual reality check in the form of graphs by Danish artists Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler who are the brains behind the series, “Truth Facts” on their comical site, Kind of Normal.

1) The Biggest Lies on The Internet: 10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_1

Remember how Facebook excitedly congratulates you on being the “millionth visitor” or when kids say they are 18 or clicking “I have read the terms and conditions”? There is one word for it: LOL. Yes in majority cases even that lol is a lie. After all who has time to read that long joke? 

2) How Facebook Invites Work:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_2

Those invites you get from people pushing you to attend a lame party or seminar, here is how they work. Those who say going do because they don’t have an alternative, yet. Those who maybe are keep the invite as an alternative, just in case and the rest, just invited don’t care and not going, well let’s admit, they simply hate you.

3) Instagramatical Hierarchy of Needs:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_3

If Maslow were alive he would have agreed with the new face of his pyramid. Instagram thankfully caters to all the five needs of the users. Physiological needs are looked after by the to-die-for images of food porn and latte, safety needs by the look-I-can-see-the-sky photos, belonging needs by the number of people following you, esteem needs by collecting likes for the dress you wear and most importantly self-actualization needs by taking a heap load of selfies.

4) How To utilize #Hashtags on Facebook:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_4

It is Facebook NOT Twitter. Hashtags are for Twitter NOT Facebook. If you are so fond of them join Twitter and use them as much as you want but for Facebook: #Stop #It #Now

5) Wasting Time:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_5

Just as man evolved over time so did ways to waste time itself. In the 70s people wasted time by playing tic-tac, and then with the advent of computers, Minesweeper got the better of everyone. Later the super-addictive Snake game on Nokia took hold of many but Lo and behold now we have Facebook to do the job except in the previous ones at least some brain was used.

6)   How Long Can A Human Live Without:

0 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_6

Survival of the fittest? If that is the case then the person who can survive the longest without internet is surely the fittest.

7) About Online Dating:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_7

Oh yes it is still popular! These people who promise to meet in so many different places are perhaps too lazy to meet each other in person, so they stick to their online world and fake promises.

8) What The Various Functions On Facebook Mean:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_8

You will have to agree, like button saves the trouble of commenting. Check-In shows what an attention seeker you are, friend requests pave way to stalking pictures and poking is just another way to tell that you want to make-out.

9) Facebook’s Demise:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_9

The point where our parents’ Facebook account and our own accounts meet, THAT is the demise of OUR Facebook account. Rest in Peace.

10) When Do You Discover Spelling Errors/Typos in An E-Mail:

10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_10

The moment when you finish typing that important e-mail and hit the send icon? That is when it dawns upon you about the worst typos and errors I the history of mistakes. Only few are lucky to know it before.

Facebook, the best way to track everything, remains the undisputed champion of surveillance against the likes of China, North Korea and Germany. True no? 10 Biggest Lies of Your Online Life_11

You might not agree blatantly but c’mon you do know they are right?