Tablets with good cheap prices in android
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Sometimes, people require entertainment on a device bigger than a smartphone. But then again, they don’t want the whole television experience. As big as they are, you cannot curl up in bed with a smart tv. Thus, the existence of a tablet comes to mind. Fulfilling this function, it justifies its presence and existence.

However, Apple ipads can be quite expensive and heavy on the pocket. You don’t want to spend a substantial amount of money on an iPad unless you can absolutely afford to. So what do we do then? We go for more affordable options! Here we have 10 picks for Affordable Android Tablets in 2020!

Tablets with affordable prices
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1. Lenovo Tab 4 10″:

This is quite a compact tablet when it comes to the budget range. It features a nice amount of RAM set at 2GB, which can be ample for a tablet. It has a 16GB storage option, which means you can easily watch and download Netflix content on it. Its price is set at Rs.25, 900/- only.

2. Lenovo Tab 4 8″:

Albeit a smaller screen, it can still provide one with a tablet experience. It’s not too heavy neither it is too small. You are guaranteed to spend your hours invested in this. With a 2GB ram and 16GB storage, it can provide quite a lot of entertainment. Its price is Rs.16, 500/- only.

3. Huawei MatePad T 8:

Switching from Lenovo, Huawei is a brand that has climbed up substantially over the years. It provides one with a good experience and can keep one immersed for hours. It has 2GB ram and 16GB storage. Its price is at Rs.23, 999/- only. It is not a tab that can hang easily.

4. Sony Xperia Z2:

With a 10.1″ display, this is actually quite a nice tab. Sony is known for its premium quality merchandise, so this should be no less. It has a 3GB ram as well as 32GB storage, which is expandable. It is also dust and water-resistant, and its price is currently Rs.20, 400/- only.

5. The Ellipsis:

This may not be an entirely known brand, but it does offer some impressive features. The Ellipsis tab has a ram of 3GB as well as a 16GB storage. It even has a nice 8MP camera and a gorgeous display. Its price is currently Rs.16, 000/- Daraz has it available in Rs.12, 999/- only

Affordable Tablets of 2020 with Android
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6. Samsung Galaxy Tab A:

Being a known brand, you might wish to go for this one instead. It has a nice 7″ display, which is still bigger than your average smartphone. It even has a nice camera and its storage is 8GB. You may not have a lot of storage, but it’s good for Netflix and reading books too. Its price is Rs.19, 999/-

7. Lenovo M8 HD:

As the name suggests, this one of the prime tablets on this list due to the HD display. It has a 2020 release with 3GB ram and an octa-core processor. With 32GB storage, this tab is available for Rs.28, 499/-

8. Dany Monster:

If the name says it, it’s sure to be one impressive tablet. It has 4G capabilities, so your tablet will have food connectivity. It’s currently at a price of Rs.19, 500/-

9. Nexus Tablet:

This is yet another one of the underrated pieces on this tablet’s list. It features a beautiful display with 16GB storage and 1GB ram. It may not be able to handle many processes together, but it’s quite useful in its price bracket. It is set at Rs.11, 500/- only

10. Dtab MediaPad M2:

It has a nice 8″ display, which can give you quite an immersive experience. It has 2GB ram and 16GB storage, so you don’t have to worry about adding as many books as you want. Its price is set at Rs.14, 999/- only

With this, we bring our list to a conclusion. We hope these products catch your eye because they are worth the investment in a budget range!

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